Song Book – the book


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Every song tells a story, but every song also has its own story – the ideas or events that inspired it, the songwriters who created it, the artists that recorded it, and the impact that it made. With extensive research, critical assessment, and the occasional dose of snark, Song Book tells the stories of 21 songs from the `60s and `70s. Some of these songs may be familiar; others, maybe not. But each of these songs has fascinating tales in and around it.

With chapters on songs by enduring stars such as the Beach Boys and Donovan, by masterful writers such as Randy Newman and Tim Hardin, and by under-appreciated acts such as Split Enz, Song Book covers a wide range of musical styles and creativity. Song Book will appeal to music lovers, readers interested in popular culture, and anyone who wants to find out more about songs that they love. And who knows? You just might end up discovering a new favourite tune.

Song Book: 21 Songs From 10 Years (1964-74) is published by  New Haven Publishing


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